E&O coverage for
title/escrow agents.

IPRO-Agency Keeps You Protected from Professional Liability Risks

Buying a home for most people is a big deal and represents one of their most significant investments. The title/escrow industry plays an important role in protecting their investment by providing an efficient and secure transfer of real estate from the buyer to seller. Professionals in the industry include escrow agents, title insurance agents, and title insurance companies who work to provide title insurance.

As with any other professional in the real estate industry, things can go wrong resulting in allegations of financial harm because of negligent or an error. This is where we step in. IPRO-Agency Insurance Services provides title and escrow agents with Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance. The policy offers protection from losses arising from all types of professional liability related lawsuits, pays defense costs and provides indemnification in the event of final settlement, up to the policy limit.

Typical E&O Claims Against Title/Escrow Agents

Common claim allegations against title/escrow agents include:

  • Failure to find mortgage assignment
  • Failure to find land subdivision
  • Failure to find deed entry or deed fraud
  • Failure to find will and probate entry
  • Failure to find liens, encumbrances, easements, or encroachments
  • An incomplete review of title
  • Improper or inadequate documentation
  • A search performed on wrong parcel
  • Breach of contract

Our experienced staff at IPRO-Agency will review the ins and outs of the E&O policy with you, how and when it responds and additional enhancements you can include for better protection.