Networking Suggestions for New Insurance Agents

Scott Jones
Scott Jones
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Being an effective communicator and having strong networking skills are extremely beneficial to the success of an insurance agent. New Insurance agents must be able to build relationships within a community in order to kick start their career. So how does one do this exactly? To grow your pool of leads, you can utilize educational programs and training, use marketing materials, and take advantage of all the professional networking available. There are many ways to get your name out there and reach prospects.

Growing an Online Presence

You can get to know existing and potential clients by connecting with them on social media. Since this is such a casual way to get to know them, they may be more willing to accept a friend request as opposed to being invited to an in-person appointment. You can create a professional social media profile to keep your personal and professional pages separate. Also, a business account will allow potential clients to know they can expect insurance industry-related content. Provide your following with helpful information and tips so they are more likely to stay engaged with your profile; however not all posts have to be about your business. Mix it up a bit by including posts about local events and activities and things you’re passionate about, such as where you volunteer. People love getting the inside scoop and feeling like they have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, so your social media platforms are a great space to do this. Social media is also helpful to connect with new people in similar circles. There are groups that you can become a part of to stay in-the-know on industry updates. Hopefully you already have a website to bring in new leads since most of them will be searching online to find the insurance they need. On your site you should include information about the different policies you offer, your elevator pitch, a blog with helpful articles, real-life success stories, client testimonials, an easy way to contact you and office details.

Industry Involvement

It is beneficial to continue with your training and stay up on new educational resources. You never want to be in the dark about what is going in the industry. You can stay involved by attending conferences, industry events and online groups. This will help you remain aware of any learning opportunities available. Keep in mind that even if you are knowledgeable on industry terms and compliances, things can still go wrong. CA E&O insurance is a valuable protection when mishaps or misunderstandings turn into major issues.

Strengthening Relationships

Hopefully you became an agent to help your community protect what matters most to them. It is important to keep this mindset at the forefront of your business strategy. It is best to offer policies with the most protection for your clients. Take the time to really get to know your clients’ unique situations, coverage needs and what is most important in their lives. This should be how you guide them to the correct products and sets the tone for a relationship based on genuine care. All your networking tactics should be an extension of having your client’s well-being in mind.

Community Involvement

Doing even just a small amount of volunteer work will show that you care about improving the community. If you don’t know where to start, first think about your interests or a skill you would like to improve. Coaching a local sports team, or running for city council are common ones, but you can also brainstorm for something more tailored to you. If you’re already involved in an organization, you can volunteer for a leadership position to really get your name out there and help improve your communication and leadership skills. If volunteering does not make sense for your business model, consider donating to a local charity, nonprofits, or other community event. You could even sponsor a local team or community event to boost your name recognition.

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