How to Identify & Stop a Data Breach

Scott Jones
Scott Jones
data breach

Nowadays, businesses must be quick to respond to suspicious activity in their networks. With such a wide range of risks, implementing a cybersecurity plan is invaluable. Using IT tools and knowing how to stop incoming threats can make or break your business. First and foremost, you must be able to identify a data breach. Here are some methods to do so.

Mysterious Emails

Email phishing is far too common, where the malicious individual seeks out sensitive business data by acting as an organization. These attacks have been increasing in frequency, so it is crucial for all employees to use safe email protocol and be very cautious of links and attachments from unknown sources. These emails should also be ignored as responding can lead to further attacks.

Strange Pop-ups

Smart web browsing is also a massive contributor to online security. Employees must refrain from clicking on any pop-up windows while on the internet. Even closing them can lead to serious issues. These suspicious pop-ups often have what is known as malware or spyware that can allow access to the network.

Mysterious Password Activity

Be sure to pay close attention to any unusual password activity as something as simple as being momentarily locked out of a system is a huge red flag that the password may be at risk. Also, if you get an email that a password has been changed when you have not done so, address it immediately. Ensure that everyone with access to the network has solid passwords and updates them regularly (about every six months is advised).

A Drop in Network Speed

If your network suddenly begins to run slower than it once did, that is another sign of a data breach attempt since hacking activity leads to more traffic on the network. It is helpful to have a reporting policy in place so the IT security department can quickly be notified.

The Importance of Updated Software

Keeping the software up to date is key in reducing the chance of a data breach. This can be done by constant updates on each device so they can be protected with the current cybersecurity tools. These tools warn you when your data may be in jeopardy. A cyber attack on your business can be financially devastating. Securing cybersecurity throughout your operations is vital to your business protection plan.

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