Today’s complex risks for directors
and officers requires deep
insurance expertise.

Addressing Your Management Liability Exposures with D&O Insurance

Today’s landscape for directors and officers and executives is a minefield of liability risks that without the right protection can negatively impact a company’s bottom line and the personal assets of those at the helm. Whether your organization is a public or private company or a nonprofit, Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability insurance is critical to its stability and success. With IPRO-West Insurance Services as your insurance partner, we will help you address your exposures and provide you with D&O coverage that responds to those risks.

It Takes Experience, Market Access to Design the Right D&O Policy

Over the last several years, claims against directors and officers have spiked, making the insurance market more difficult for clients. Add to this emerging risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for insurance expertise has never been greater. At IPRO-Agency, we have the experience and longstanding insurance market relationships to help negotiate your policy coverage, terms and pricing so that your firm and directors and officers are well-protected.

If you own a private company, we’ll help present your risk profile and tell your story as underwriters increasingly look at your firm’s liquidity, guidance and responsiveness to COVID-19, and your actions in averting revenue disruption, supply chain and logistical concerns.

For public companies, insurers are also concerned about potential COVID-related lawsuits along with derivative litigation in which lawsuits are filed on behalf of a company against individual directors and officers alleged to have violated their duty to the company. Board diversity is also a concern as several public companies already face securities lawsuits demanding their boards become more diverse. Shareholder activism has become an emerging risk with corporations being pressured through lawsuits to be more active in addressing climate change and diverse workforces. Our staff will help you address these concerns when going to market to get you the coverage you require.

Inside the D&O Policy

The D&O policy covers individuals for claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer. There are three “sides” available with a D&O policy:
  • Side A: Protects a corporation’s directors and officers when the company cannot indemnify the individuals.
  • Side B: Reimburses the organization when it indemnifies the individuals, protecting the company’s balance sheet.
  • Side C: Also known as “entity coverage,” this eliminates disputes of coverage allocation when both the directors and officers and the insured organization are named as co-defendants in a securities lawsuit.

IPRO-Agency is here as your insurance partner to help navigate today’s D&O market and determine the liability limits and retention levels that best fit your risk profile.