Cyber Threats & Exposures for Businesses in 2021

Scott Jones
Scott Jones
Cyber Threats

Nowadays, so many people work, socialize, and enjoy their pastimes virtually. The internet has increased efficiency but has also brought about several cybersecurity threats, such as hacking, which increase the need for cybersecurity. Business owners should understand their risks and what protections are available, as this knowledge can end up making or breaking your business. When speaking about these types of threats, people often assume they are only relating to the internet and online content; however, cybersecurity is not just about protecting online information, it also protects the hardware and software of a computer system. Cybersecurity threats are skyrocketing, leaving the information security industry on high alert. Sophisticated cybersecurity attacks keep businesses and individuals data at risk. No one is exempt from cybersecurity attacks. However, trends show that small businesses are the most common targets of cybercriminals. Businesses must take precautionary measures to help avoid cybersecurity threats. Frequently update your software and hardware and keep staff in the know regarding cyber threats and train them to prevent them. 

What to Look Out For 

Cybersecurity attackers or hackers are after financial gain, theft of confidential data, or disruption of services. It is in the best interest of your businesses’ livelihood to secure CA cyber liability insurance before it is too late. Cybersecurity attacks are projected to increase over the coming years, so it is worth the time and effort for a business to investigate how they can safeguard their data.  It is advised to consult a professional cybersecurity company to secure your systems and data. Here are the top cybersecurity threats that are likely to hit business in 2021: 

Database Exposure

This threat is exactly as the name suggests. Many hackers are seeking to hijack login credentials or use malware to gain access to the data or system, which can be done through their computer engineering skills. If you keep customer information, financial records, or identity records in a database, these components are at high risk. Most businesses store customer information on external servers, so database exposure is a serious cybersecurity threat. 


With the rise of virtual communications, phishing is now a main cybersecurity exposure. Businesses relying on email and instant messaging have only made this threat grow. There are hundreds of emails and messages bouncing around in offices daily. Hackers are notorious for using the end of the day (when employees are the most tired and more susceptible to act without thinking) to flood them with fake emails and links. When an employee clicks on a malicious link, it can open access to the business’s entire database system, leading to security and data breaches.

PDF Scam

These scams’ goal is for the recipient to open the document that will download malware onto the system. It is normally done with an email stating that there has been a policy or account update with a statement attached. If this PDF is downloaded, malware or ransomware is downloaded with it. Since these types of attachments are often shared in offices through emails or other messaging platforms, an employee is likely to mistake it for the real deal. 

Credential Stuffing

This attack will steal user system access or account through login credentials.  This can easily happen when the same login credentials are used throughout multiple accounts. Since more business operations are now online, credential stuffing is a massive threat to business cybersecurity. 

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