How Can New Insurance Agents Prevent E&O Claims?

E&O claims

Being a professional insurance agent can bring so much fulfillment and success. However, if you do not understand the obstacles that come with this line of work, you may hit some significant roadblocks that you will have to navigate. Here is some sound advice for new agents to help you avoid common mistakes in the […]

Common Mistakes Made by Insurance Agents

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Insurance agents make mistakes, it’s inevitable. The most important thing is to have a plan of action instead of overlooking them, as the smallest mistake could be affecting your bottom line. If you start getting into bad habits, you must be aware of how to improve since the success of your business depends on it. […]

How to Become an Insurance Agent

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Many insurance professionals choose to become agents because they find helping individuals protect their well-being to be very fulfilling. They also enjoy the flexibility that the job offers as you can choose where and how often you work. The first step to determine if becoming an insurance agent is a good option for you is […]

Best Practices for Insurance Agents to Minimize Lawsuits

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There are certain traits that insurance agents need to be successful in the business. Those in the industry should consider the value of having these traits to retain customers and possibly even attract new ones. The truth is that top performing agents have a set of practices and characteristics that look similar. These tried and […]

Common Lawsuits & Claims Against Insurance Agents

Claims against insurance agents

Insurance agents can be proactive in protecting themselves from expensive lawsuits that come from errors and omissions claims. There are certain risks that insurance agents cannot avoid, and errors and omissions claims commonly come from a small slipup. Not only do you have to offer adequate coverage for your clients, but it’s also equally important […]