The Real Cost of a Cyber Attack in 2021

cyber attacks

Considering the realities of what a data breach could cost, businesses of all sizes and types need to implement a cybersecurity plan. Try to figure out how much attention and money spent on cybersecurity makes sense for your company. A data breach can lead to such significant loss that your business could lose credibility or […]

How to Identify & Stop a Data Breach

data breach

Nowadays, businesses must be quick to respond to suspicious activity in their networks. With such a wide range of risks, implementing a cybersecurity plan is invaluable. Using IT tools and knowing how to stop incoming threats can make or break your business. First and foremost, you must be able to identify a data breach. Here […]

Cyber Threats & Exposures for Businesses in 2021

Cyber Threats

Nowadays, so many people work, socialize, and enjoy their pastimes virtually. The internet has increased efficiency but has also brought about several cybersecurity threats, such as hacking, which increase the need for cybersecurity. Business owners should understand their risks and what protections are available, as this knowledge can end up making or breaking your business. […]