Best Practices for Insurance Agents to Minimize Lawsuits

Scott Jones
Scott Jones
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There are certain traits that insurance agents need to be successful in the business. Those in the industry should consider the value of having these traits to retain customers and possibly even attract new ones. The truth is that top performing agents have a set of practices and characteristics that look similar. These tried and true methods will go such a long way. If you are looking to improve your strategies, check to see if you are lacking in any of these areas.


Insurance agents should be able to understand where their clients are coming from on an emotional level. It is important to confront their fears and motivations head on. Agents who come off as if they are only trying to earn commissions, will have a very hard time keeping and building businesses. On the flip side, those who take time with their customers and show them empathy will be much more trusted. Creating good rapport stronger relationships will greatly help agents find ways to better meet customer needs.


How do you take on renewals and relationship building outreach? When customers require attention, the success of your business rests on how prompt you are. Customers expect to be able to contact you in moment’s notice. It is simply the name of the game. It is cruel to remain responsive and available for phone calls for any questions or issues. Responsiveness is most effective to grow your book of business.


Although spending time with clients may retain relationships, growing relationships and getting referrals will take higher emotional intellect from you. It is important to have a thorough understanding of your client’s financial goals and their concerns to set them up with programs that are truly suitable for them and their unique needs. Being able to really customize plans is what will set you apart from your competition since your competition will have many of the same products to sell. Knowing when and what to secure for them will make all the difference.


Being successful normally involves taking some risks. Even with an established brand, how will you continue to appeal? Twirling your thumbs or just mirroring competition won’t bring the results you are looking for. Successful agents have clear goals for growing their business. What sets you apart in the way you operate? Are you prepared for obstacles?

Positivity and Tenacity

There are many challenges you will face in this industry. Although it may be difficult to remain positive with the rejection that comes with this work, your first impression, your demeanor, is how potential new clients will determine if they want to work with you.  To build business, it is important to be someone who people are eager to partner with. Since ejection is part of the daily routine, it is beneficial to find ways to manage and overcome it to create the opportunity for a yes.


It is absolutely crucial to stick to your word in this line of work,as clients will at the very least expect this from you. Stick to your word will earn customers’ trust which is really what this business is all about. Your reputation is on the line, and if you become known as being untrustworthy, you will likely not recover from that as an agent.

Well Equipped and Knowledgeable

It is important that your offerings are broad enough to serve clients. YOu must have a runge of products to meet your client’s needs.  Being equipped with a robust offering of products and services to serve clients demand will make or break you. You will also need to be knowledgeable in policies you sell, financial positionings, as well as legal and tax implications.


How are you advising your customers? How are you standing out? Make yourself available on common social media and stay current with new technologies. Differentiate your services in ways that will keep your customer loyalty. It is impossible to always keep everyone happy which is why securing CA E&O Insurance is needed to protect your business and financial well-being.

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